Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Movement Meter a program?

A: No, the Movement Meter is a tool that draws awareness to total weekly movement, and identifies what type of movement is performed.

Q: If I have not hit each movement pillar have I not succeeded that week?

A: Not at all, the most important aspect to remember is total movement performed. Reaching the individual pillar goals will present a more balanced ideal week.

Q: What should I set my Movement Meter goal at to begin?

A: We believe in order to be motivated and encouraged you must feel success first. With that in mind we recommend setting your goal just above where you are presently moving weekly. So for example if you are currently moving 3 hours per week - set your meter goal to 4 hours. 

Q: Gardening and shopping counts? They are equal to walking, biking, or running?

A: Yes, our focus is not related to intensity of the movement - just the movement. Of course we realize high intensity activity like cycling will burn more calories than shopping, but that is not the goal of the meter. We are not tracking calories burnt, just the total movement. It is for the individual to decide what their ultimate goal is.

Q: I seem to always be falling short on one pillar, for example power. What should I do?

A: First, congratulations as you are now becoming aware of not just movement - but what type of movement. The movement meter is found within your CoachFit* and HomeFit Apps, this provides two forms of assistance in creating balanced movement. 

  1. Review with your Movement Coach your Movement Meter, discuss possible workouts that need to be added within your app to help assist.
  2. The HomeFit App comes pre-loaded with over 100 workouts and continues to grow. Workouts have been designed in all movement pillars, simply search your desired pillar and explore the vast array of workouts within that pillar.

Q: I cannot get the gym enough to reach my weekly movement goals, what should I do?

A: To be honest with you we are happy to hear that. Depending on one tool alone (a gym) is not an effective strategy. You must create movement habits outside of the gym. We have created the HomeFit app to give you movement ideas away from the gym, but even beyond that utilizing other environments are essential for your overall success. Remember all movement counts, its up to your desire and motivation to expand your toolbox!

* Coming Soon - CoachFit Remote Training