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Welcome to HomeFit, a fitness app that was designed by coaches with well over 50 years combined experience. We’ve coached people of all ages, from scholastic athletes to seniors. This experience has led to an understanding that there is not a one-size-fits-all program. Individuals must be able to choose workouts based on their bodys’ needs, their goals, and their activities.

We believe that by engaging in safe and effective workouts, you can keep playing longer and find enjoyment in your daily activities. So if you are a senior citizen, a fitness boomer, or someone who doesn’t like going to the gym and are looking for a friendly fitness app to help you move more, feel better, and increase performance, we are here for you!

Dynamic Health & Fitness

HomeFit Workouts

HomeFit is a simple and easy-to-use app. With an ever-growing database of hundreds of video workouts, simply sign in, view your weekly progress, and select the perfect workout for you. HomeFit workouts are designed by experienced coaches to promote healthy aging, increase performance and accommodate all fitness levels!

Our On-Demand Workouts Serve a Multitude of Purposes.

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Prepare for all Sports (golf, tennis, pickleball, running and more)

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Improve your ability to get up and down from the ground

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Recondition your body from past injuries

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Prevent injuries

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Improve functional strength

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Improve cardiovascular health

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Special Features

The HomeFit Movement Meter

HomeFit is more than just a workout app. We have a special feature called the Movement Meter that helps you track your progress and be proud of what you accomplished. The Movement Meter tracks not only your total weekly movement but also what type of movement you are performing. Being aware of the types of movement you are doing throughout the week allows you to keep your body well-rounded and balanced, which is the key to being prepared for whatever life throws at you.


HomeFit brings the Dynamic Health And Fitness studio to your home! Each week you can participate in a full schedule of classes based on your personal goals. Our 30 minute Livestream classes incorporate elements of mobility, strength, metabolic, and power conditioning.

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Movement Meter Pillars

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Not Just a Workout App

The HomeFit app has engaging programs to keep you focused on your goal and a timeframe for achieving it. This way you will stick with us for a little longer and we will work on your fitness goals constantly.

Our Speciality Programs

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Golf Conditioning

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Pain Prevention

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness


  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Performance Breathing

  • Dynamic Health & Fitness


  • Dynamic Health & Fitness

    Sports Training and more...

Dynamic Health & Fitness